Sunday, September 20, 2009

Java and VB.NET going strong!!!!!

Ha-roo every pups and humans,
today for the first time on my blog I will address a purely and solely programming topic. I have been quite busy for the past few weeks as I was developing a TCP/IP client/server application in Java, and the program also involves connecting to a database (I use Ms Access 2007) using Java Database Connectivity. The solution works but I would like to optimize my codes and I'll be working on an appropriate interface for my application, dear readers if you have any ides for optimization, leave a comment.....

Anyway do you know about Keystroke Dynamics? It's a field of biometric which involves authenticating a user by the way he/she types on the keyboard. This is often possible because some characteristics of keystroke is that each user has its own pattern for typing. However keystroke dynamics is an emerging field and lot of research are currently being done on it.

I'm writing a program using VB.NET to illustrate a simple idea of keystroke dynamics. In brief, there is a text box and the user is required to type in the string "KEYSTROKE DYNAMICS". When the user start to type the program output should be able to capture the exact the number of milliseconds a key was pressed (key down of a key), for example : "the key 'K' was pressed for n milliseconds before release", this is known as a dwell time. And the output should also include the time taken for the user to release a key before pressing on another key, for example: " m milliseconds was required to release 'K' and press on 'E' ", this is also known as the flight time. A timer has been implemented, I use VB.NET 'Tick'. Although it works, there are a lot of bugs in the code for instance if 2 keys are pressed at the same time, the program crashes. If you have an idea on how to address keystroke dynamics issues, again please leave a comment.

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